Multiple rays of light shine down softly from the heavens upon the lands of Midgard. The lights emanate from gaps in the clouds and if you look close enough, and if you look close enough you may even catch a glimpse of Asgard itself!

On the surface, a figure looks unto the sky… Holding the mythical hammer, Mjollnir, The god of Thunder, Thor, looks on and gazes…

“The heroes of Midgard have begun to answer the Valkyrie’s call…
My blood stirs at this grand sight. A new era has dawned…”

Thor looks behind him to see his followers, all in silence, eagerly awaiting their god’s next command.

“This land no longer has any need for us but now, a new adventure looms over the horizon… an adventure with greater battles and even greater rewards. I invite you all to this journey… I invite you all to my home! GREAT WARRIORS BEFORE ME!!! DO YOU SEEK IMMORTALITY?! DO YOU SEEK ETERNAL GLORY?! Then come with me and I will show you THE WARRIOR’S HEAVEN!”

Thor looks through each of his followers… their faces filled with mixed emotions of excitement, uncertainty and doubt.

“I know this is a sudden change but I shall give you time to prepare. I will go on ahead and prepare my home for you, my friends… my comrades. 2 days I will give you. Come before me again then and, together, we shall ascend to the Immortal Hall of Warriors, VALHALLA!”

with that, the thunder god, Thor, laid the powerful Mjollnir to rest and rose back up to Valhalla.

Please note that Valhalla Server Settings are exactly the same as Valkyrie Server Settings except that the PK Feature is disabled.
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