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The Story So Far...

After a devastating cataclysm united the people of Rune Midgard, the world enjoyed a time of relative peace.

But that peace was not meant to last. Monster activity is slowly growing everywhere, and as Rune Midgard’s warriors rose to hold back the attacks, the real battle was only beginning.

In the horizon, darkness was slowly creeping across the plains of Rune Midgard. Where blinding light welcomed the arrival of the Valkyrie, this sign could only mean one thing… Loki has awakened once more!

Loki, who once had the primal cosmic force at his command, has been resting in Valhalla after the great cataclysm. Now he has heard Rune Midgard calling out his name, and the time is ripe for his return…will Loki’s followers be far behind?

New Loki is Ragnarok Online’s latest Free-2-Play server, with all F2P settings you enjoy together with the latest server features. The battleground has been reborn…it’s time to unleash your dark side!

Server Features

Server / Acct. / Char. Settings
PK Map Settings
Item / NPC Changes
Boss Card Drop Changes
MVP Drop / Reward Changes
Normal Monster Drop Changes
Agit Treasure Box Drop Changes
Drop Change Details I
Drop Change Details II