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Tikbalang Pet
To learn how to tame a Tikbalang as a pet, go and find the Tikbalang Expert outside Port Malaya (ma_fild01.gat 238 198).

  1. Talk to Tikbalanag Expert
  2. Ask  him to teach you how to catch a Tikbalang
  3. Ask about the Easy Way to learn the materials needed.
  4. Collect the ff. Items
    1. 3x Tikbalang Thick Spines (dropped by Tikbalangs)
    2. 5x Lesser Agimats (from Port Malaya Daily Quests)
  5. After collecting the items, go back to the Tikbalang Expert.
  6. Select “Teach me how to catch a Tikbalang”
  7. Choose “Yes, I’m Interested” to give him the items so he can make you a Tikbalang Harness (taming item).
  8. Use the Tikbalang Harness to tame a TIkbalang.


  10. Tamed Tikbalangs eat Monster’s Feed.