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Jeepney Warp Transport System

The most popular mode of transport in the Philippines, the first jeepneys were made from leftover U.S. World War II jeeps. It then evolved into the colorful and flamboyant vehicles that we know today and revere as a cultural icon. Jeepneys help players get around Port Malaya easily and fast, making them indispensable, just like their real-life counterparts.

Dress your warrior with items based on legendary Filipino armors! Each of the Port Malaya MVP Bosses drop these items, and With the help of the Tribe Blacksmith in Barrio Mahiwaga, these powerful MVP armors can be made even stronger! Click here.

Bakonawa Story (Dungeon MVP Boss)

Legends tell of an ancient dragon that lives in the depths of a lake. On certain nights, it rises up to swallow the moon whole. People who feared the darkness would bang pots and pans to make enough noise to startle Bakonawa and force him to spit out the moon.

Bangungot Story (Dungeon MVP Boss)

Bangungot is an evil spirit that takes the form of a grotesquely fat woman. It is said that it will sit on the face or chest of a sleeping person as to suffocate him. Oral tradition has it that it was first a gleeful forest spirit, but when the tree that it was living in was cut without permission, it turned into a terrible creature. Bangungot continues to terrorize people in their sleep.

Buwaya Story (Dungeon MVP Boss)

In the days long past, parents would often tell their children that if they misbehaved, they would be kidnapped by a large monster that carried a huge sack or chest on its back. The basis of the story was Buwaya, a large reptile that kidnapped people and stuffed them into the chest on his back so that he could bring them back to his lair to eat them.

The creatures of Port Malaya are ruthless, intimidating...and make ideal pets! Catch wild Tikbalangs and turn them into loyal and impressive pets! Click here.

The Pintados Festival is a special triggered event which unlocks an NPC that will use items dropped by Port Malaya MVP’s to craft powerful Tattoos (accessories) for the players.

Port Malaya features a variety of quests for players to understand its rich history, and its hidden dangers.

From getting powerful tattoos in the Pintados Festival, to exploring the entire city of Port Malaya, to unlocking the secrets of the Bangungot, Bakunawa and Buwaya, there’s no shortage of adventures for the bravest warriors of Midgard to go on.

Bring your guildmates and friends together and get ready to explore the mysteries and wonders of Port Malaya!