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Step 1
Enter the main building in Mid Camp and speak with Guard Aello.
Step 2
Head up the stairs, turn right, and enter the room with a guard standing watch outside.

Once inside speak with the Sapha from Manuk. Remember to equip the Ring of Wise King.

He will then invite you to the capital city of El Dicastes.
Step 3
Head for the building in Manuk Village 309 142 and look for Guard Captain Avalanche inside.

Tell him you were invited by Vyhannus.
Step 4
After speaking with Avalanche, head out into the village and go to the tunnel leading to El Dicastes. (manuk 321 182).

Speak with the Entrance Manager. Tell him you are visiting El Dicastes and he will teleport you into the tunnel.
Step 5

Once out fo the tunnel and at El Dicastes, keep heading north of the city until you reach the main building.

Enter and speak with the Adventurer Clerk.

Register as an Adventurer of El Dicastes and you'll receive the "Light of El Dicastes", an accessory that grants you a spell that teleports you to El Dicastes.

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