Nameless Abbey Entrance Quest
Step 1


1. Go to Juno Airport (yuno 53, 210). Take the International Flight (Juno to Izlude).
2. Once you are on the Airship. Enter the portal to the right of the Airport Staff.
3. Speak to the Agent and he will inform you to visit Father Bamph.

Step 2

Father Bamph
(prt_church 185, 106)

1. Meet with Father Bamph in Prontera.
2. He tells you to meet with another agent in the Comodo Casino by the name
of Larjes concerning a missing Midgard official.

Step 3

(cmd_in02 173, 89)

1. On the first floor of the Comodo Casino you'll see an "Ordinary Man".
2. After talking to him he will teleport you to a secluded part of the casino
to talk privately.
3. Talk to him once more, and he'll ask you to return to Father Bamph.