High Priest of Rachel Quest
Step 4

(ra_temple 116 174)

1. Talk to Nemma, then go back inside the sanctuary.

Step 5

(ra_temin 169 46)

1.Talk to Panno and she will talk about the security of the sanctuary and you
will find out that she was the one you heard reciting the prayer before you got out.

High Priest of Rachel Quest
Step 4

High Priest Zhed
(ra_temin 227 159)

1. Talk to High Priest Zhed (ra_temin 277, 159). Note: If Zhed simply says
"May Freya be with you", then you have not completed the Lost Child Quest.
2. If already complete, choose "I'm here on Vincent's behalf" then "Actually...
I was just curious." and "Tell him your name" and lastly "Yes, sure".
3. He'll then tell you to bring 40 Glacial Hearts and 1 Candy to the Pope. Go to the
Pope's Office Guard (ra_temin 134, 134) to visit the Pope.