Curse of Gaebolg Quest
Step 1

Busy Boy
(prontera 248, 212)
1. Go near the Busy Boy (prontera 248, 212) in Prontera to start a conversation.
2. After picking up the books with him, you will be asked to send them to the
Historian, Mr. Karlomoff in Juno.
Step 2

(yuno 311, 195)
1. Travel to Juno and look for the Historian, Karlomoff (yuno 311, 195).
2. After a conversation about a traditional rhyme, you will be requested to
deliver a report to a fellow historian in Morroc.
Step 3

(morocc_in 45, 126)
1. Go to a building at Morroc (morocc 198, 63) to find the Historian, Rodafrian
(morocc_in 45, 126).
2. Choose "Yes, I have", and then input the 3rd or the 4th line of the song.
3. She will then ask you to find someone in Mjolnir to verify it.