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Catch the Thief!

The seedy elements of Lighthalzen can be seen even in Uptown. These artful dodgers seem to escape with lightning speed, confounding the authorities. What is the secret of their success?

Friends Quest (Lighthalzen Pass Quest)

Two childhood friends are torn apart by prejudice and class distinctions. Can you help them reconcile and rebuild their friendship?

The Woman in the library, the Mad Scientist and You (Juperos Dungeon Quest)

A lone researcher attempts to decipher the secrets of an ancient civilization. A mad scientist responsible for the genocide of that same civilization stands in the way. Who can brave the dangers and return with the forgotten lore?

Airship Quest

The magnificent airships of the Rekember Corporation are wonders to behold, but who really knows how they operate? Captain Tarlock does, and he is willing to let that information go in exchange for some defense duty.

Vote for the Dungeon Service Provider

Kafra Corporation has long been the primary transport service in Rune-Midgard. However, Rekember Corporation subsidy Cool Event Corporation is making a bid to compete for the same routes. So who would you like to take you where you’re going – the pretty ladies in aprons, or the suave gentlemen in cool duds? Cast your vote now!

President’s Secret Society

An overheard conversation in Lighthalzen leads to a secret world of cloak-and-dagger secrecy, breaking into secure compounds and sipping of dry Martinis. The President of Juno himself is involved in the conspiracy. So, will you take the Red pill, or the Blue pill?

Rekember Laboratory Infiltration (Lighthalzen Dungeon Entry Quest)

The Rekember Corporation hides many secrets in their great underground laboratories. Only the quick of mind and fleet of feet can pierce the veil and discover the horrible truth.

Rekember Corporation Expose

The atrocities the Rekember Corporation is committing have left the shades of tortured souls to haunt the living. Can you find enough evidence to thwart the evil corporation and bring peace and vindication to the restless ghosts? Hurry, for your sanity lies in the balance.

Eye of Hellion Quest

The Eye of Hellion is an evil gem rumored to bring a curse to its bearer, taking the greed in their hearts and twisting their minds. Sir Chilias’Tyus has been trying to find a way to seal its powers. Will he be successful, or will he, too, succumb to the darkness?

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